Absence of defendant stalls Asa’s N700 million libel case

Channels Television  
Updated April 29, 2012

The case between soul singer, Bukola Elemide popularly known as Asa and Dockland Communications Services, publishers of News of the People, was stalled on Thursday due to the absence of the latter in court..

The singer had filed a N700 million suit against Dockland Communications Services over a story it published on December 14-22, 2009 edition of the magazine with the caption “Lesbianism trails Asa and Manager” which alleged that the two ladies were involved in a lesbian relationship.

The soul singer and her manager, in the suit, want the court to declare that the allegation of lesbianism against them was false, illegal and a violation of their rights. They also want the defendant restrained from further publication of malicious statements against them.

Justice A.J Coker had on Thursday, February 23, 2012 adjourned the case till Thursday April 26 after the claimants and her manager Janet Nwose were missing in court.

When the case came up before Justice Coker, the defendant’s counsel was not in court for the cross examination.

Lawyer to the singer expressed worry concerning the absence of the defendant’s counsel despite knowing that the claimants do not reside in the country.

“The matter is on fast track and the claimants do not reside in Nigeria,” he said.

Justice Coker adjourned further hearing on the matter to Thursday May 3.