Orji demands adequate funding for security

Channels Television  
Updated May 4, 2012

The governor of Abia state, Theodore Orji has said that security is paramount and without adequate funds to the police and security agencies, sustainability of peace will not be achieved.

Orji said this during a courtesy call of the Acting Inspector General (IGP) of Police, Mohammed Abubakar to the government house, Umuahia.

According to the governor, security is capital intensive and he appealed to the federal government to invest more money in  security to enable the police and other security agencies to effectively tackle security challenges facing the country.

In his speech, the Ag IGP Mohammed Abubakar said the vision of the new police management is to build a friendly police that has the capacity to discharge its constitutional responsibilities creditably pointing out that he wants to turn the police force to one that Nigerians will be proud of.

He promised to improve on the security management in the country to ensure that that the killings of Nigerians do not continue explaining that visibility policing rather than road blocks is the new order in the police.

Governor Orji, also stated that, the federal government as well as the state governments need  to invest heavily into the security sector of the nation in order to achieve a lasting solution to the seeming unending terrorist attacks in the country,as well as maintain  peace and have sustainable development,.

Orji said no amount of money invested in securing the lives and property of citizens would be too much, using the situation in Abia where the state government invested heavily in order to achieve peace and stated that government has donated the highest number of vehicles to the police to do their job and is also preparing to donate more incentives to the police to ensure that the security situation in the state is sustained.

He thanked the police boss for the innovation he is bringing to the police and expressed the hope that it will improve the battered image of the police.

The governor also expressed gratitude to the police for the effort they put into combatting kidnapping in Abia state and encouraged the Ag inspector General of Police not to be deterred by the present security challenges in the country.

Earlier in his speech, the Mr Mohammed who is in the state on a familiarization tour of the command in the state, said his visit is to re-evaluate the security situation as well as to see the preparedness of his men in the state, the challenges, problems and how to confront them.

The Acting IGP  said the president had already promised to procure more gadgets to assist the police in crime fighting and that the police in particular and other security agencies in general need more sophisticated equipment to be able tackle the present challenge of terrorism in the country.

He believes that intelligence gathering will assist the force to definitely surmount the activities of the terrorist group in the country.

On the removal of road blocks, the acting IGP further maintained that it became necessary as  it did not in any way helped the image of the country, explaining that visibility policing rather than road blocks is the new order in the police.

He stated that serious attention is being paid to eradicate bribery and corruption as well as to redirect policemen to serious crime fighting and promised to improve on the security management in the country to ensure that the killings of Nigerians is nipped in the bud.