Waste Management: Treasures from landfills

Channels Television  
Updated May 15, 2012

Waste management is of great concern to all people of sound mind anywhere in the world.

Aside from all the wasted energy and valuable natural resources used to produce the materials we burn, dump and bury, often after only one or two uses, waste disposal has significant impacts on the environment.

Recycling is something that everyone who generates waste should do today to avoid cramming up the already overfilled landfills.

There is a need to reuse recyclable items or deliver them to the recycling plant. This effort will go a long way to keep overfilled landfills from filling up even more. In the process of recycling, organic waste is something that needs more attention. Organic waste is composed of those items that cannot be recycled such as banana peels, flowers, food wastes, wood and brewery wastes. This type of waste is known to form a considerable percentage of waste that goes into landfills.

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