Shut down order won’t stand — UNILAG’s ASUU Chairman

Channels Television  
Updated May 31, 2012

The Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities of the University of Lagos, Oghenekaro Ogbinaka on Wednesday said the shut down order given to University of Lagos will not stand.

“We…have assured the students that nobody will eject them from UNILAG and we, as academic members of staff will commence lectures on Monday. The shut down order won’t stand,” he said

In a detailed interview with  the PUNCH newspaper, Mr Ogbinaka saluted and congratulated the courage of the  students and all who have spontaneously rejected the change of name, adding that lecturers at “UNILAG will call on the Jonathan administration to do the right thing by reversing this wrong decision”.

“You cannot change the name of a child at 50 without his or her consent. We will fight this for the interest of all universities in Nigeria. Nobody will use universities built by others to score cheap political points.

“MKO Abiola deserves to be honoured. The ingenious Federal Government of Nigeria should learn how Ghana honoured Kwame Nkrumah and how USA honour Martin Luther King Jr.

“What they have done is very uncreative and an insult on Nigerian educational institution. Only military dictators can be that unimaginative,” he said.