Focus on the economy: Jonathan has done well in certain areas – Noel Akpata

Channels Television  
Updated June 1, 2012

Noel Akpata, an economist took a look at the implications of the President Goodluck Jonathan’s speech on democracy day on the 29th of May 2012 as regards the economy with the Sunrise Daily crew, as he was asked that all the talks about economic growth in the country are just about figures and the impact is not felt by the ordinary Nigerian.

Noel said he wants to be optimistic concerning the present happenings economically in the country for it does not pay Nigerians to see things in a negative manner as he was quickly asked by Chamberlain Usoh the main anchor of Sunrise daily if the word is being Negative or realistic economically, but Noel stuck to his choice of being optimistic that Nigerians should look at the events in a beneficial manner to every Nigerian as the result will soon materialise.

He also spoke on the renaming of Unilag to MAU that the students should realise that it’s just a name and does not change the status of the higher institution around the world.