Top 3 degrees for shy people

Channels Television  
Updated June 4, 2012

Does the idea of going back to school thrill you, but the thought of giving a speech to classmates terrify you? You’re not alone in your shyness.

The good news is that there are plenty of degree programs that don’t require a lot of schmoozing, fraternizing, or any other zing-ings.

1. Accounting: Have you noticed that balancing your checkbook or doing your taxes usually doesn’t require a lot of chit-chat? If you find that soothing, you may want to check out a degree in accounting.  Accounting students students do such things as auditing, cost accounting, business law, tax accounting, and other numbers-based subjects, rather than go for courses that will need you to talk.

2. Graphic design: Are you a creative type who also loves the logical yet imaginative world of computer work? A degree in graphic design might scratch both your creative and shy itches. In fact,  as a graphic design student, you’ll learn to use cutting-edge computer programs, as well as the basics of good design. And luckily for shy students, speech and debate are not involved in the design. Courses in production design, typography, Photoshop for designers, and the history of graphic design are common.

3. Network and sytem administration: If your idea of networking is the kind with circuit boards and data rates rather than message boards and blind dates, a network and system administration degree could be a good fit.  That’s because, network and system administration majors spend time studying cyber security and how to utilize the latest and most effective technologies. Commonly offered courses include hardware technologies, network security, and information systems and database management.