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Updated June 14, 2012

Corporate Affairs Manager
The successful candidate shall be responsible for the following functions:
• Media relations
• Marketing Communication
• Advertising
• Reputation management
• Image making/brand building
• Corporate promotions
• Public relations
• Events management
• Corporate social responsibility/social investment
• Protocol management
General requirements
Candidate shall be pre-qualified with any of the three sets of general requirements:
1. First degree, second class upper division in MANAGEMENT SCIENCES with preference for FINANCE. In addition, a minimum of 5 years experience in journalism in a reputable media organisation is necessary;
2. A first degree, second class upper division in Mass Communication or Social Sciences or Humanities with added advantage of a post graduate degree preferably an MBA or M.Sc in Economics or Finance. In addition, a minimum of 5 years experience in journalism in a reputable organisation is necessary;
3. A first degree, second class upper in Mass Communication or Social Sciences or Humanities. In addition, a minimum of 8 years experience in journalism in a reputable media organisation is necessary.
Other requirements
1. Public relations skills
2. Creative communication skills
3. Excellent inter-personal relationship skills
4. Excellent writing skills
5. Good knowledge of Nigeria and international media environment
Web team leader
Successful candidate:
• Will be a team leader within the web unit.
• Will have experience of leading a small team of up to 10 people
• Will have at least 5 years experience in web design and development
• Will be able to write and debug programmes that will enhance Channels Television website
• Will have strong programming background, using a variety of programme language (Java, html, etc) and more
• Will have knowledge and experience of carrying out all the duties of the Web Programmer as listed below.
Web Programmer
• The web programmer will be someone with more than three years work experience in programme scripting that will either create add-ons or enhancement to Channels Television website
• He/She will have knowledge of more than one programming language and able to work on design, development, deployment and end-to-end implementation
• He/She must be a team player that is able to convert ideas into technical specifications which can and will inform development for add-ons or enhancements.
Web Editor/Blogger
• The web editor/blogger will have strong experience in writing feature stories and converting interviews in question and answer format into feature stories.
• He/She must have a good reportorial background, with ability to research, conduct interviews and develop a good report from materials sourced
• He/She will be able to carry out editing of stories and have eyes for details to the extent of being able to identify errors, typos, and other finite mistakes as well as have the ability to make changes required.
• He/She will have the ability and basic knowledge of updating at least one web theme/system, e.g wordPress, Jumla etc
• He/She must have a strong eye/nose for identifying news story and have a keen interest in pursuing and developing such stories for the website and in some cases for television.
• He/She must have a good knowledge and experience in blogging
Interested applicants should send RESUME to [email protected] with the position applied for as the subject of the email on or before 30 June, 2012