Antonis Samaras sworn in as new Greece Prime Minister

Channels Television  
Updated June 20, 2012

Antonis Samaras, the leader of the New Democracy party, which won Sunday’s election, has been sworn in as the country’s new Prime Minister.

The ceremony came shortly after he agreed a coalition government with the Socialists (Pasok) and the smaller leftist party, the Democratic Left.

Mr Samaras took the oath at a Greek Orthodox ceremony in Athens.

Afterwards he pledged his government would “do whatever we can for the people to come out of this crisis”.

“Tomorrow I will ask for the new government to be formed – [we will] work hard so we can give hope to our people,” Mr Samaras said.

The coalition deal follows weeks of uncertainty, after parties failed to agree a government on the results of an election on 6 May.

Syriza – the party which came second in Sunday’s poll – will be a defiant voice of opposition, correspondents say.