BBA: You should not have saved me from eviction, Prezzo tells Goldie

Channels Television  
Updated June 26, 2012

After Sunday night’s eviction, Goldie has been in deep thoughts if she made the right choice and why.

Goldie and Prezzo were having a simple conversation, suddenly they started an argument.

Prezzo accused Goldie of pretending saying that she should not have said she want to embark on a “voluntary exit” from the Big Brother House when she did not mean it.

On this issue, Goldie attacked Prezzo and told him that he wanted her to leave so that he would win the grand prize.

She also accused Prezzo of not caring if she leaves or stays in the game.

Prezzo however denied the allegation and reminded Goldie of a day she came out from the Diary room crying after her swapping.

The Kenyan told his lady that it was not his issue but he took his responsibility, as someone who cared for her and followed her up where she was going, just to ask her what was wrong but it looks like she never appreciated all this.

In pains and sadness Goldie tried to convince Prezzo of how much she cared for him and wouldn’t want to see him exit the star game, so that’s why she save him from the evictions.

Hearing the word eviction, Prezzo fumed and told Gooldie that he never needed her to save him; he wanted to see how Africa could have decided therefore she would have left the issues as they were for Africa.

Goldie broke down in shock and accused Prezzo of not appreciating all her efforts and the open heart she has shown towards him.

After the conversation, some minutes later Prezzo left the kitchen for his bed without talking to her, Goldie broke down in tears and started regretting all her efforts she has shown to Prezzo which he doesn’t appreciate.