DJ Tee stabs Soji Boi, beats up his siblings

Channels Television  
Updated June 29, 2012

 Video director Adetokunbo Odubawo popularly known as DJ Tee has been accused of stabbing an upcoming singer, Osungade Tolani Alvin in the face and assaulting his two siblings.

An eyewitness who spoke with an online blog, NET,  said the 19 year old singer had gone for a video shoot at DJ Tee’s studio with his two siblings Dolapo and Mobolaji.

However, trouble started when DJ Tee asked those who were to appear in the video shoot (including Tolani and Dolapo) to move on set while the others move out of shooting range. Dolapo’s girlfriend who wasn’t supposed to appear in the shoot stayed back on set.

The eye witness said, a visibly angry DJ Tee  ‘rudely told her to get out’.

‘He started screaming for her to get out, calling her bitch and stuff’,

Dolapo, obviously upset, talked back at the director, trying to caution him but DJ Tee allegedly slapped him and asked his boys who were also at the shoot to beat him up.

‘DJ Tee’s boys  immediately pounced on Dolapo and started beating him up,’ the anonymous eye witness was reported to have said.
‘As Mobolaji screamed and watched helplessly as her elder brother was being beaten up, DJ Tee asked his boys to beat her up too. Tolani tried to intervene in the whole matter, DJ Tee approached Dolapo to stab him with a bottle he just broke. Tolani intervened and DJ Tee stabbed him with a bottle he just broke.

The video director has come out on twitter to explain that he is innocent of the crime he is been accused of.

The upcoming artiste has also explained himself on twitter saying he was stabbed by DJ Tee himself.