Only 34 families have filed claims for compensation – Dana Air

Channels Television  
Updated June 29, 2012

The management of Dana airline on Friday said that only 34 families who lost friends, and loved ones in the crash on June 3rd have submitted their claims forms to receive their insurance payment.

Dana Air is currently under investigation after a faulty aircraft carrying 153 people aboard plummeted into a densely populated area in Lagos, killing everyone on the plane and at least six more on the ground.

In a statement, the airline said “as at the close of business on Monday, June 25, the company had received completed insurance forms for 34 of the victims, two of which are our staff members.

“The company has now made direct contact with 118 families who lost loved ones in the accident and has also made contact with the 9 embassies managing communications with the families of those victims from other countries.

“These families and embassies have been sent letters of condolence and the insurance documentation necessary in order to facilitate compensation payments.”

The documentation is necessary for the right beneficiaries to be paid the compensations, Dana Air said.
The statement further added that “investigations into the cause of the accident are still ongoing and Dana Air continues to offer every form of assistance to the investigating authorities.”

The management of the airline company said the DNA samples of the crash victims have been successfully collected and dispatched to a UK laboratory for testing.

The company said that the media reports that the expatriate working in the company had all left since the accident saying of over 450 staff of the airline, most to whom are Nigerians, not one has left the company’s employment.