A different kind of court case! Serena Williams swaps tennis for television

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Updated July 7, 2012

As she takes to the tennis court for Wimbledon final on Saturday, Serena Williams will also be taking a case in another court on Sunday.

Serena will be guest starring on comedy show ‘Drop Dead Diva’ with Brandy Norwood

The tennis ace will be guest-starring on the comedy show ‘Drop Dead Diva’ in an episode which will air on Sunday.

The lawn tennis star plays a high-powered attorney in the show and will appear alongside Brandy Norwood, who has a recurring role in the series.

The plot will see Serena’s character help Brandy to fight a court case against her ex-boyfriend.

Brandy plays Elisa Shayne and has an on-going role throughout the current fourth season of the show.

Brandy’s character Elisa Shayne is a woman who becomes involved in a custody battle when her ex-boyfriend discovers they have a child together.

Serena is following in Brandy’s footsteps with a role on the show, although it is unknown how many episodes she will appear in.

Brandy and Serena aren’t the only stars to grace the fourth season of the hit Lifetime show.

Kim Kardashian recently appeared on ‘Drop Dead Diva’ in a three episode arc.

She played a juice bar waitress turned relationship guru by the name of Nikki.

Serena will tomorrow play against Agnieszka Radwanska in the highly anticipated women’s final of Wimbledon.

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