Corruption is Nigeria’s fastest growing industry – Niyi Osundare

Channels Television  
Updated July 10, 2012

Poet, dramatist, critic, essayist, and media columnist, Niyi Osundare on Monday said that corruption is the fastest growing industry in Nigeria.
The erudite scholar disclosed this while delivering a lecture organised by the Save Nigeria Group titled: Why we no longer blush in Lagos.
“If Nigeria does not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria,” Mr Osundare said.

“Why is it that Nigerians no longer blush? How did we come to lose our sense of shame after losing our sense of propriety and proportion? How did we come to develop a skin that is so thick that no arrows of degradation, no needles of dehumanisation are ever sharp and violent enough to penetrate our body and rouse our senses? How did our nerves slide into their present state of stupor? How did we plunge into this state of dysconsciousness?”

He blamed Nigerian leaders for the problems of the country saying that “there infinitely bigger thieves among Nigeria’s public functionaries today walking freely and calling the shots because their own lid has never been blown.”

The Chairman of the event and constitutional lawyer, Itse Sagay, said that “Nigeria is in a situation where we have to find a policeman to police the police”.

Mr Sagay added it was vital for Nigerians to negotiate on whether there was any hope for the country amid the increasing challenges.