Hack-attack forces Nvidia, Android forums to shut down temporarily

Channels Television  
Updated July 13, 2012

Two helpful websites the world over has been sabotaged adding to the long list of websites that has been hacked recently namely Nvidia’s developers forum and Phandroid’s as it the sites were breached affecting personal data of user on the forums stealing usernames and hashed passwords plus other personal details.

It was stated that some unauthorised third parties invaded Nvidia’s Developer Zone and in response to attacks, Nvidia has shut down the section. The graphics company said in a statement and it was noted that the culprits may have gained access to hashed passwords.

Nvidia says they are investigating the matter and working to restore secure operations but in the meantime, everyone is advised to change any identical passwords used on other websites.

On the part Phandroid’s, the hackers gained access somehow with a known exploit having access to usernames and hashed password including other personal data submitted during registration by different users on the website.

With a fan base of over one million members, the founders deduced that the hackers actually wanted email addresses so as to send spam messages to users online.