World’s narrowest street is in danger of being squeezed out of existence due to bulging walls

Channels Television  
Updated July 15, 2012

A small German town Reutlingen, which proudly boasts the narrowest street in the world – only 12.2in wide – may soon lose its big attraction as water seeping through the walls of  the buildings along its sides are making them bulge.

Tourists visit Reutlingen for the sole reason to scrape through the 12.5ft long street but this may soon stop as water seeping through the walls are making them bulge, with fears that this may put an end to its existence.

Spreuerhofstrasse is listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the narrowest in the world – about the width of a small computer screen and is adorned at each end with the sign ‘Narrowest street in the world’ in German and English.

Reutlingen, in the heart of the region of Swabia, has held the record since 2007.

‘The Swabians are known for their modesty, so this is a typically Swabian record,’ said Tanja Ulmer, head of the city’s tourism office.

‘It’s is Reutlingen’s smallest attraction, but a very important one.’

‘A street is no longer a street if no one can get through it. Then the fun would be over,’ said Ulmer. And Reutlingen would lose its record.