Video Game addiction underscored as teen dies after 40-hour marathon

Channels Television  
Updated July 19, 2012

Deaths emanating form video game addiction has underscored the risk attached to it as more and more people are becoming worried as the game industry grows.

Recently, an 18 year old identified as Chuang was found dead, an obsessed fan of a the game released sometime in May 2012, Diablo III with years of anticipation for its release date brought about a number of marathon play sessions as it hit the shelves.

Deaths in Internet cafes are rare, but happen from time to time when players concentrate so intensely on their games, that they ignore factors like the body’s need for sleep and food.

The 18-year ran a 40-hour marathon session with the game in Taiwan before then he was reported to have booked a room at his local Internet café before plunging into Diablo III and foe the entire 40-hours he neither slept or stopped or had anything to eat.

He was checked on by an employee of the cafe and was found lifeless on a table Sunday but he immediately woke up as he notched but after moving a few steps he collapsed and was immediately rushed to the hospital and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Hospital authorities suspected that he probably suffered blood clots due the long period of sitting.

Going by records, this is not the first death recorded in terms of game-related marathon death in the Asian country; Taiwan.

Last year, a 30 year-old Chinese gamer died after staying up for three consecutive days, barely eating or drinking anything. And last August, 20 year-old Chris Staniforth suffered a pulmonary embolism after a marathon session on his Xbox, and just this February, Chen Rong-yu had a fatal heart attack while playing in an Internet café in Taipei with an online smash hit video game, League of Legends. he was not noticed to be dead not until after nine solid hours by his fellow players.