Capital Market Probe: Resolutions will restore investors’ confidence – El Sudi

Channels Television  
Updated July 24, 2012

Sunrise Daily crew had in the house yesterday a Lawyer and Capital Market analyst who gave his own opinion on the report of the capital market probe which was headed and completed not by the former head of the probe in the person of Honourable Herman Hembe who was alleged to have had financial issues with the D.G. SEC Arunmah Oteh who was also on the hot seat for questioning in the public hearing.

Joining the crew this morning the 24th of July 2012, the man at the centre of the outcome of the Capital Market probe, Honourable Ibrahim El Sudi who replace Herman Hembe after he was accused of high-handedness by the D.G. SEC. Ibrahim El Sudi came to honour the invite to defend the capital market that after all it can survive its harshest time.

Ibrahim said when asked what brought about the outcome of the probe panel and have they been able to restore the confidence of investor in the Capital Market with their report, he responded saying the basic duty on the panel was find out what led to the near collapse of the Capital Market and bring about a solution the restore the confidence back there.