Stay hungry for change in Africa, 2face tells Big Brother Housemates

Channels Television  
Updated July 24, 2012

The Housemates in the Big Brother Africa stargame show on Tuesday were pleasantly surprised when 2face paid an unscheduled visit to them via the Television monitor in the House.

The Housemates were strategizing how to go about the task of building their own vegetable garden as part of the ONE campaign following step-by-step instructions.

ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising public awareness and pressuring political leaders to support smart and effective policies and programs that are saving lives, helping to put kids in school and improving futures.

Just as the Housemates were digesting the information of their impending Task, 2face appeared on the giant screen in the lounge and encouraged them to soldier on.

“My brothers and sisters, we are united in the belief that Africa can stop the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger once and for all,” 2face said.
The ace singer told the Housemates that the task of building their own vegetable garden is not just to test their will power but to give them “a taste of what millions go through every single day.”

2face said “No one in Africa should go hungry, not in 2012; not in the continent as rich as Africa. Housemates, you are the future. Stay strong. Stay committed. Stay hungry for change.”