Nigeria needs a people-driven constitution – Bisi Adegbuyi

Channels Television  
Updated August 2, 2012

Bisi Adegbuyi a legal practitioner joined Sulaiman Aledeh and Co. on Sunrise Daily this morning to discuss the issue of constitution review  which has been an issue that is debatable amongst Nigerians since the Senate Retreat which was held at Asaba, the Delta State capital last month on the way forward for the country.

Bisi Adegbuyi said the National Assembly by virtue of the 1999 constitution can actually amend the constitution either for the better of the Nigeria as a whole or for the worse.

But he said in his own view, since the country’s government is democratic as of now, he believes every Nigerian must be involved in the process of a constitution review/having a new constitution even though in practice every Nigerian in the country cannot be heard but with a simple delegation process, Nigerinas can be heard as the country needs a people-driven constitution.