Nigeria needs to create Department of Homeland Security- Ex US Army Officer

Channels Television  
Updated August 13, 2012

Chris Moghalu, an Ex-officer with the Anti-bomb squad in the US Army has suggested that Nigeria needs to create an independent Department of Homeland Security to address the collapse of the nation’s security and Boko Haram.

Speaking on our breakfast morning show, Sunrise daily, the ex-US Army Intelligence officer cum security consultant, claims that creating the department will allow international intelligence agencies exchange information with their Nigerian counterparts and such intelligence move will enhance the preventive measure that can be used to fight terrorism.

He also argues that creating the department will encourage a vetting process that will sieve out security operatives that are feeding the terrorists.

Mr Moghalu also adds that  Nigeria must also call Nigerians in the diaspora with experience in anti-terrorism to come and set-up this department.