Second day of fuel scarcity in Abuja

Channels Television  
Updated August 17, 2012

The lingering fuel scarcity is biting harder in the Federal Capital Territory with the queues at petrol station, increasing overnight and some residents spending the night at the stations.

Major petrol stations are still not dispensing fuel though some of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) mega stations across the city have started selling.

The situation has caused major traffic and chaos around petrol stations as car owners scramble to stay in line.

Transport fares have also skyrocketed affecting movement of people and workers in the nation’s capital.

This is coming at a very difficult time, for a number of residents in the city are planning to travel for forthcoming Sallah holiday’s.

Management of petrol stations visited by Channels Television, lamented that trucks are still not allowed into Abuja to dispense fuel.

According to the oil marketers, the federal government has failed to pay them for fuel imports.

Our correspondent Doris Okenwa reports that transport fares in Abuja have trippled, and it’s even more difficult to get public transport since most vehicles are queuing up at fuel stations.

The cost of petrol has also been affected with some vehicle owners purchasing the product between N120 – N150 per litre at the black market.

Ahead of the Sallah celebration, major motors parks in the FCT are experiencing low turnout of passengers.

Motorist who spoke with Channels Television attributed the decline to the insufficient supply of petroleum products to the federal capital.

Meanwhile, transport fares from the FCT to other parts of the country still remain at the same price.

Few passengers who showed up at the motor parks are glad that transport fares have not been increased despite the insufficient supply of petrol to the federal capital.


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