Mortal Bomb from Syria kills at least 3 in Turkey

Channels Television  
Updated October 3, 2012

Three people including a child were killed and at least nine others seriously wounded when a mortar bomb fired from Syria hit Turkey’s southeastern border region of Akcakale on Wednesday.

“It landed in the middle of a residential area and it hit a house. Three people died, we learned from the hospital,” Mayor Abdulhakim Ayhan said. “The people who were living in the house died, including one woman and child.”

The conflict in neighboring Syria has affected border areas in the past when stray bullets have flown into Turkish territory. A mortar bomb fired from Syria damaged homes and workplaces in Akcakale last Friday but there were no deaths.

In April, Turkey officially reported an incident to the United Nations in which at least five people, including two Turkish officials, were wounded when cross-border gunfire hit a Syrian refugee camp in Kilis, further west along the frontier.

Turkey beefed up its troop presence and air defenses along its 900-km border after Syria shot down a Turkish reconnaissance jet in June.