F.G. should incorporate illegal refineries – Energy Analyst

Channels Television  
Updated October 26, 2012

Focusing on the energy sector on Sunrise Daily as it is a sector the Federal Government is bent on getting a lasting solution to the problems plaguing it, committees were set up and the Nuhu Ribadu committee which the former EFCC boss headed was one of it.

You wonder why the Nuhu Ribadu committee was mentioned? well it is not farfetched as it has been reported that the committee has submitted its report to the Federal Government.

Looking at that report on Sunrise Daily, Bode Sowunmi an energy analyst and a publisher commented on the report on revenue saying he was never surprised with the outcome of the Nuhu Ribadu report as some hidden facts are beginning to be revealed to the general public and it is emerging at an alarming rate.

In his own opinion; Sowunmi said further that government can only get a solution to the problem of sabotage (illegal refineries) which is crippling the sector if it invites saboteurs into a system where they will be provided a research and development network, also give them support after which they will be integrated into legal refineries as they Government is short of refineries and it is in dire need of so many of these refineries that are presently illegal.

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