You need our help to defeat Boko Haram, former US soldier tells JTF

Channels Television  
Updated November 27, 2012

A former US military intelligence officer, Chris Moghalu on Tuesday said the Joint Task Force (JTF), which is currently waging a war against the Boko Haram insurgent, can be more effective if it allowed Nigerians in diaspora to make inputs.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Moghalu said Nigerians in diaspora, who have security training often face discrimination when they offer to assist in fighting terrorism in the country.

“They (the JTF) are addressing the fundamental problem but they need help,” he said.

Mr Moghalu said the Nigerian security forces need to partner with “some of the Nigerians in the diaspora. For example, those that worked in the CIA, FBI, US military intelligence, British military intelligence.”

He said: “These Nigerians are willing to come back to Nigeria to work with us to solve this problem. But we find out that when we come home we face a lot of discrimination from our fellow security forces here.

“Some of them are angry that we left, that we went to the US to learn more. That’s not the point. We are here to protect the citizens of Nigeria. We have a wealth of information that they need. So we need to come together and work together.”