Sudan/South Sudan Faceoff: Jonathan backs peaceful resolution

Channels Television  
Updated November 28, 2012

President Goodluck Jonathan pledged Tuesday in the FCT; Abuja that Nigeria will continue to work with other African Nations to ensure a peaceful resolution of all outstanding disputes between Sudan and South Sudan.

Speaking at an audience with the Vice President of Sudan, Dr. Adam Yousuf, President Jonathan said that Nigeria will work through the African Union’s Peace and Security Council and the African Union’s Authority of Heads of State and Government to achieve a resolution of the disagreement between Sudan and South Sudan over Abyei District that will be acceptable to both countries.

The President assured Dr. Yousuf who delivered a special message from President Omar El-Bashir to him, that he will confer with other African leaders ahead of the next meeting of the AU Peace and Security Council on the Abyei dispute.

Welcoming the briefing given to him by Dr. Yousuf on Sudan’s current position on efforts to resolve the dispute, President Jonathan said that Nigeria was committed to ensuring that all possible options for a peaceful and enduring resolution of the dispute are fully explored.

Dr. Yousuf assured President Jonathan of Sudan’s readiness for continued dialogue towards the peaceful resolution of the dispute over Abyei.

He told the President that Sudan was already doing its best to implement the nine agreements signed with South Sudan in Addis Ababa last month on other issues arising from the separation of both countries.