Nigeria will be amongst the first industrialised countries by 2020- Expert

Channels Television  
Updated December 1, 2012

Chairman of Goldman Sachs, Mr Jim O’neil has predicted that Nigeria will be among the first 20 nations to be industrialised by the year 2020.

O’neil made this revelation at the end of a two day meeting of the Honorary International Investors Council (HIIC) in London.

O’neil noted that “Nigeria recorded much economic growth in the last 14 years”.

The HIIC pledged, after the meeting, to support the reform of the Goodluck Jonathan led administration.

Addressing a pressing conference after the meeting the coordinator of the council, Baronness Linda Chalker, said that it is important to always have a positive perception of the Nigerian nation despite the daunting challenges facing the country.

The council, at the end of the meeting, agreed to support the reforms of the federal government and its strategy for addressing those reforms.