Don’t take on leadership roles if you lack courage, Obasanjo warns

Channels Television  
Updated January 18, 2013

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has advised that anyone who lacks courage or seeks popularity should stay clear of assuming leadership positions.

He gave the admonition on Friday while reacting to series of eulogies on him at the inaugural Obasanjo lecture series, organized by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to honour him.

In his remark at the end of the lecture, the former President declared that any leader that is not ready to step on toes,  is not worth being the leader of any nation, as such will have nothing to offer.

He emphasized that anybody who is not courageous should not venture into accepting a leadership position, stressing that the quality of good leader is ability to act appropriately.

“If you don’t have courage on what to do as a leader, don’t accept leadership role. If you can’t defend your action, don’t accept leadership roles. It is either you are a leader or not. If you are afraid to do what is to be done, don’t accept to be a leader,” Mr. Obasanjo stressed.

He further added that for any nation to move forward, leaders must be ready to step on toes stressing that a qualitative leader must be able to defend his or her actions.

“You can’t be a leader and you say you don’t want to step on toes,” he said.

The event which held at the Cinema Hall of the Presidential Library Complex had notable dignitaries such as former Ghanaian President, John Kuffour; former Interim Head of State, Ernest Shonekan; Senate President, David Mark; and Ogun State Deputy Governor, Segun Adeseguna at the event.