Govt To Conduct Autopsy On 3 Bodies Evacuated From Ezu River

Channels Television  
Updated January 22, 2013

The governments of Enugu and Anambra states will today carry out autopsy on some of the decomposed bodies evacuated from the Ezu River on Saturday.

The Anambra state Police Commissioner, Mr. Bala Nassarawa revealed that all the dead bodies are males, and that only three bodies have been selected for the autopsy because the other 15 bodies had decomposed.

According to him, the Commissioner of Police in charge of medicals, the state Commissioner for Health and pathologists from the two states would be involved in carrying out the autopsy.

The 15 dead bodies were found floating on Ezu, a river at the boundary between Anambra and Enugu states over the weekend.

The decomposing bodies without any noticeable body mutilations or injuries could not be identified by the people of Amansea community who live in the area on Anambra state side of the divide.

The Commissioner of Police at a press conference on Monday, admitted that there were no gunshots, mutilations on the corpses or reported boat mishap, hence the autopsy to unravel the misery behind the deaths.