Fear Of Northern Domination Keeps South Together – Clarke

Channels Television  
Updated February 6, 2013

A lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Robert Clarke on Wednesday said the diversity in Nigeria is responsible for the unity in Nigeria insisting that the fear of domination by the northerners is responsible for the harmony in the South.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Clarke said the idea to mark the 100 years of Nigeria’s existence is welcomed.

“I am of the firm believed that what have kept as one country is the diversities that we have. Without the diversities in Nigeria, Nigeria could never be still one till today. So we have something to celebrate,” he said.

He said, “I have the belief that what keeps the Southern part of Nigeria together today is the fear of the North. The fear of the domination of the north over the south is what gives a semblance of unity among southerners.

“If for one reason or another which I am not campaigning for, the North severs its relationship in Nigeria and moves away, I can assure you within three months the south will disintegrate because outside the fact of the fear of the North there is nothing that keeps southern Nigerian together.

“The Yorubas don’t like the Ibos, let us be frank about it. The Ijawman does not like the Ibo man; the Rivers people don’t like the Iboman. But what keeps these southern states of Nigerian together now is the fact of the fear of the domination of the North.”

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