FRSC Targets Zero Deaths Over The Next Two Decades

Channels Television  
Updated February 19, 2013

Officials of  the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, are looking at the feasibility of zero deaths on Nigerian roads over the next 25 years with specific attention to safer roads and enforcement.

These were issues on the front burner at a forum to mark the 25th anniversary of the FRSC in Nigeria.

Key among the issues examined were construction of safer roads, adequate legislation and stricter enforcement, sufficient and safe mass transit and efficient emergency services for accident victims among others.

Past and present public officers from different sectors of the economy gathered for the conference to mark the agency’s 25th anniversary to examine ways to further cut down on the high statistics of accidents and deaths on Nigerian roads despite impressive achievements over the years.

While government cannot be left to tackle the issues of road safety and its attendant infrastructure development and maintenance alone, some major responsibilities must yet be handled.