Lagos Shuts Down Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market

Channels Television  
Updated February 25, 2013

The Lagos State Government on Monday shut down the popular Ladipo auto spare parts market in Mushin, a suburb of Lagos.

The market was shut down following the filthy nature of the place and alleged refusal of the traders to keep the environment clean, despite several warnings by the state environment officials.

During his visit to the market recently, the Commissioner for the Environment, Tunji Bello decried the wanton degradation of the place.

The traders were dispersed by taskforce officials with several canisters of tear gas being shot into the air to ward off the traders as hundreds of policemen kept the traders at bay.

An Armoured Personnel Carrier, APC was stationed at the Toyota end of the Apapa-Oshodi expressway while the area was barricaded with fierce-looking officers and men of the Rapid Respond Squad (RRS).