Merger Of Opposition Parties Is The Only Way To Defeat PDP – Buhari

Channels Television  
Updated February 26, 2013

Former presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), retired General Muhammadu Buhari has stated that the merger of opposition parties is the only way to defeat People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Addressing elected representatives and other members of the party in Abuja on Monday, General Buhari said the country has been bedevilled by a government anchored on corruption, oppression and insecurity and there is an urgent need to halt the trend.

He however advised members of the party to work within the framework of the law and aggressively mobilize the electorate to register ahead of the next general elections.

The former Head of State said, “a brief glance at the political history of Nigeria confirms that to hold power at the centre, you need a broad coalition, alliance, merger or whatever you may like to call it.

“Today’s situation is no different. The country is in the grip of a bad government whose only purpose is to retain power by hook or by crook – preferably by crook.

“PDP does not need merger or alliance – they are already merged and are in alliance with the Police, INEC, and the Judiciary with the NNPC and pension funds.

“The country is tired of PDP; we are tired of oppression; we are tired of corruption; we are tired of insecurity and we are tired, full stop!”

“I believe merger is the only way to prevent continuation of this bad governance. The political class is at one that the only way to stabilise the nation is for the opposition to merge and face the ruling party,” he added.

Buhari said while elected members of the CPC could hold their heads high that they were truly elected, the same could not be said of their PDP counterparts.

“You were actually elected. You did not use police to intimidate voters; you did not use INEC staff to inflate your votes. You won in spite of all attempts by government to rig you out. How many in the PDP can say that? Very, very few.

“You can, therefore, hold your heads high and regard yourselves as genuine representatives of your constituencies. You are true sons of democracy; your positions are   even more important than those of party officials and party leaders because you are the face of the CPC.”