DPR Seals Off Fuel Stations In Lagos

Channels Television  
Updated March 7, 2013

The Department of Petroleum Resources on Thurdsay shut down a total of 20 fuel stations in Lagos. 

This followed a random check by DPR officials who went round the metropolis searching for fuel stations that were not complying with the rules of engagement.

The fuel stations were shut down for offences ranging from under-dispensing to poor house-keeping and improper storage of petroleum products.

From one point to another on Idumu and LASU Road, the fuel stations were sealed for  one fraudulent act or another.

AP fuel station by Unity Estate was sealed for short-changing consumers by as much as 1.34 liters.

Other culprits are Safe Trip Station, First Royal, Omolad Oil and Services, Walesaf and Fara Oil stations, among others.

Some of the stations were alleged to have been under-dispensing by as much as two liters.

The DPR said the stations will remain sealed just as the operators stand the risk of losing their licences.