Dozens Killed In Luxury Bus Explosion In Kano

Channels Television  
Updated March 18, 2013

Dozens were killed after an explosion hit the inter-state luxury bus park in Kano State North West Nigeria.

A member of Igbo traditional council in Kano, Tobias Idika confirmed the explosion to Channels Television shortly after the blast.

According to Mr Idika “IED was kept inside the luxurious bus which was about to leave Kano to Lagos, people were frying like chicken here and you know there are over two hundred people in this bus when the two IEDs”

Another eyewitness told Channels Television that Dozens of people were injured but could not count the number of dead persons.

At the moment, no one can confirm the status of casualties in this attack as effort to contact the police or JTF was not successful as at the time of compiling this report, however residents say the area was combed by JTF.


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