NURTW Must Construct Fences Around Motor Parks – SSS

Channels Television  
Updated March 21, 2013

The Deputy Director of Publicity with the State Security Services (SSS) Mrs Marilyn Ogar, has demanded the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) must ensure that fences are constructed around all motor/bus parks in the country.

She also added that there must be stringent measures in place to ensure that nobody drives into the park anyhow without adequate registration.

According to her “the problem with us (Nigerians) is that we wait for government to do everything and government will not be there all the time.”

“So they (NURTW) must ensure, to enforce measures that people who bring their motors into the park must be registered and passengers must drop outside the park.”

She further called for vigilance amongst everyone in the park because the perpetrators of the attacks mingle amongst us all.

The late suicide bomb attack in Kano was staged at a luxurious bus park in Kano. The bombers drove into the park and killed almost hundred people by detonating the bomb. Five luxurious buses loaded with passengers were set ablaze in the explosion.