Lagos PDP Cautions State Lawmakers Over Elongation of Council Chair Tenure

Channels Television  
Updated March 27, 2013

The Lagos State PDP has described the Lagos House Assembly (LAHA) attempt to elongate the tenure of the present Council chairmen in the state as undemocratic, Legislative Rascality and Satanic.

In a a statement signed by the Publicity Secretary of the Lagos state PDP, Taofik Gani, the Party opined that the bill, if passed into Law, is capable of provoking monumental reactions from Lagosians which may affect the assumed peace and tranquility in the state.

The statement “cautioned LAHA not to allow its House to be used as the agent provocateur to truncate democracy at the level of Local government Administration”

The Party wonders why the ACN government in the state is so desperate to hold onto the local government Administration until after the 2015 general Elections even when some Chairmen of the councils have stayed more than three terms but have so underperformed that Lagosians are just anxious to vote them out.

“This move is worse than the third Term allegedly muted. Infact this move further confirms the rumours that the national leader of ACN actually surreptitiously sponsored the ‘third term agenda’ “.

“As a matter of fact and considering the centralised leadership of ACN we are also convinced that the former Lagos State Governor is in strong collaboration with the incumbent to sponsor the infamous bill”

The statement further said “The Lagos State Local Government administration and Control Model has thus become the worst example of a democratic setting and has further exposed the ACN leaders as Pseudo democrats”.

Lastly, the party said “We can now conclude that the balkanization of the 20 constitutional councils into 57 is meant only to pursue vested interest and not for any development at all”.