Who They See On TV, They Emulate – Yinka Davies On ‘Idol’ Contestants

Channels Television  
Updated April 13, 2013

A popular Nigerian singer, Yinka Davies has faulted the failure of contemporary artistes to display laudable showmanship on the lack of mentors to guide them.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Saturday breakfast programme; Sunrise, the Nigeria Idol panelist said she endeavours to be polite when judging contestants on the show.

She explained that ‘many Nigerians take things personal’ and decried the current state of the industry which she said is characterised by a lack of proper manpower, resources and schools to train upcoming artistes.

She also said many do not have mentors to guide them through.

The songstress stated that “they (artistes) don’t have a clue. They don’t have mentors.” She added that young artistes do not have any knowledge of their fore-runners in the industry while dropping names such as Oriental Brothers, Peacock and Bala Mila.

“They don’t know Nigerian stars… so who they see on TV is who they emulate… so how do you expect them to thrive.”

“It’s bad news.” she said.