Egypt Unveils ‘Inar’ Its Locally Produced Tablet Computer

Channels Television  
Updated May 24, 2013

Egypt has unveiled its first locally made tablet computer in a national project that Egyptian students both in the second grade schools and universities will benefit from.

Named ‘Inar’ the first locally produced device all started from scheme introduced by the Ministry of Military Production in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications last year  and  an electronic company known Katron was given the autonomy to begin manufacturing. A scheme aimed at fizzling out paper book and notebooks in the Arab country.

Weighing 750 grams, Inar comes equipped with a USB port, it is 3G and Wi-fi enabled, and has a 9.7 inch screen, two cameras, and an Android 4.0 operating system.

It has a built-in memory of 8 GB and also storage capacity of up to 32 GB. The battery can last up to five hours, while on standby; its battery life is around 16 hours.

The electronics company produces 300 units of the tablet computer daily and has already distributed the device to a number of university students as the company has also been given assurance to continue production and development of the device so it can meet in term of technological trends.

Katron has also been told to develop their machinery to increase their daily output and meet the rise in demand as it will not only cover Egypt’s education system but also neighbouring Gulf countries have requested Katron to produce tablet computers for their students.

The tablet sells for 1,555 Egyptian Pounds, about 220 U.S dollars. But it is sold to the Ministry of Education at a subsidized price, in order to encourage the education project.