Tunisia Moves To Recover Ben Ali’s Stolen Assets

Channels Television  
Updated May 24, 2013

Tunisia has recovered a luxury yacht belonging to the brother-in-law of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the country’s former dictator, from Spain.

The yacht was returned to Tunisia last month by the Spain.

In what has been a trend in Africa with African leaders, many accounts meant for these African leaders for stashing away public funds in order to enrich themselves after leaving government, the Tunisian authorities are concluding talks with Switzerland to release funds that the dictator Ben Ali stashed in a Swiss bank which were frozen.

Ben Ali’s brother-in-law who is also a businessman read the handwriting on the wall during the uprising and fled to Canada where he is seeking political asylum.

Tunisian authorities after the expulsion Ben Ali has been trying to recoup all assets procured by the dictator with a bill that is underway, to claim back all assets of Tunisia in several locations of the world and part of it is another yacht procured by Kais Ben Ali; a nephew of the dictator in Italy and it has been returned as kais Ben Ali was also arrested on corruption charges last year.

There however claims that the dictator, aides and family squandered well $20bn of government funds during his regime, which most of it might be stashed in foreign accounts as there are still claims laid to some accounts in Lebanon

The yacht seized from Ben Ali’s brother-in-law has been put on sale with a value estimate of €8m.