American Woman Raped By Three Men In Manali Town

Channels Television  
Updated June 4, 2013

Three men raped an American woman in India’s famous tourist destination, Manali town, amid rising crime against women in the country.

According to report, the victim had taken a lift in a truck, was abducted to a secluded area by the accused.

Confirming the incident and arrest, the Director General of Police, B. Kamal Kumar, told reporters that the driver of the truck was also involved in the sexual assault in an incident which took place in Vashist village, in Manali.

A special investigation team was immediately sent to Manali from the capital Shimla city and all the accused were nabbed.

According to the police chief, members of a special investigating team have already started the investigation ad have also arrested the three accused persons.

The incident came months after a Swiss tourist was gang-raped while on a camping trip in a forest in the central state of Madhya Pradesh in March.

In the same month, a British woman jumped out of her hotel balcony in northern Uttar Pradesh state to escape a possible sexual assault.

Meanwhile, Kumar said that officials from the U.S. Embassy in the country were expected to visit the province saying they have immediately informed the American embassy and some officials from American embassy are also expected.

According to Indian police figures, sex crimes are common in India, especially the capital New Delhi, has the highest number of sex crimes among major cities, with a rape reported on average every 18 hours.

Police are investigating the alleged rape of a 21-year-old Irish woman working as a volunteer with a non-governmental organisation in West Bengal at the weekend.

The gang rape of a 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist on a bus on Dec. 16, 2012, in New Delhi, brought thousands of people onto the streets in protest and clashes with police for days to demand better law enforcement to fight gender crimes.

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