Reps Seek Power To Impeach, Not Remove President

Channels Television  
Updated June 8, 2013

A member of the House of Representatives, Ibrahim El-Sudi has explained that the bill to simplify impeachment process of the President is geared to ‘impeach’ and not ‘remove’ the President from office.

According to the lawmaker who was a guest on Channels TV weekend programme; Sunrise, “there is a stark difference between impeach and removal.”

He explained that an impeached President would still be in office until a two-third majority vote by the Senate removes him.

A bill to simplify the process, through which the President and Vice-President can be impeached, passed a second reading on Tuesday.

Mr El-Sudi, a member of the House committee on Constitution Amendment further explained that the new impeachment process is modelled after the American Constitution which allows the House of Representatives to impeach the President over allegations of misconducts or wrong-doings.

He cited the example of US President Bill Clinton, who was “successfully impeached by the House of Representatives over the Monica Lewinsky scandal but the US Senate failed to remove him from office because the scandal (according to them – Senate) was not a gross misconduct.”