Fender Bash May Land Chris Brown In Jail

Channels Television  
Updated June 25, 2013

Chris Brown is in legal hot water again.

The 24 year old R&B singer has been charged with hit-and-run and driving without a valid license. The charges stem from a minor accident last month where he rear-ended another car. The bigger problem for Brown is that these charges could count as a probation violation in his case for assaulting Rihanna and could wind up landing him in jail.

Instead, the LAPD is said to be looking for Brown after he allegedly rear-ended another driver, gave some fake insurance information and refused to give his driver’s license number, and took off.

For Rihanna, seeing Chris go to prison could be a nightmare because of that, but it could also be her big chance to break free, to develop a stronger sense of self without him. The longer he’s away, the more chance she has to move on.