Osun Inaugurates More Rent Tribunals

Channels Television  
Updated June 27, 2013

The Osun state government has inaugurated seven extra rent tribunals in all the federal constituencies in a bid to ensure communal peace and progress in the state.

The state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Wale Afolabi while speaking to Channels Television explained that the Osun government wants to bring Justice closer to the people and ensure communal peace and progress.

Hence, seven new tribunals were added to the two which were already in existence before the present administration came on board.

Mr Afolabi said each tribunal has a Chairman who is a lawyer of at least five years standing with three other members.

According to him, the extension in the number of the tribunal from two to nine would facilitate quick dispensation of justice on rent matters, especially between landlord and tenants.

Explaining the criteria for the selection of membership of the tribunals, Afolabi stressed that the appointment has no any political consideration, but they were appointed based on their experience and ability to dispense justice.