North Will Support Whoever Wins 2015 Presidential Elections

Channels Television  
Updated July 8, 2013

Ahead of the 2015 general elections, chairman of the Northern Nigeria Governors Forum, and Governor of Niger state, Babangida Aliyu, says the north is ready to negotiate the presidency to protect the interest of the region.

He made the remark during the inauguration of the office complex for federal workers in Enagi, headquarters of Edati Local Government in Niger State, stressing that the North was prepared to follow whoever was elected president in 2015.

“Some people, very few of them, are holding nocturnal meetings, that they are telling President Goodluck Jonathan that they are only supporters of Jonathan. We are the supporters of the constitution of Nigeria. Whosoever gets the power, we are in support of him but we are saying this time around in 2015, we will negotiate” he said.

“We will support whoever gets this power, but we will ask for the fulfillment of the promises to our people; that is all we are saying and some people want to cash in on this.”

The Governor denied advocating that only northern candidates should clinch the presidency, but stressed that the need for the promises made to the region were fulfilled.

He also denied advocating that only northern candidates should contest the highest position in the land come 2015, explained that the north is prepared to support anyone who emerges as president.

He, however, stressed that such support must be based on a negotiated settlement aimed at ensuring that the north is not shortchanged in the unfolding political realities in the country.