115 Year-Old Chinese Woman Named World’s Oldest Woman

Channels Television  
Updated July 19, 2013

A 115-year-old Chinese woman born in the same year that aspirin was first developed has been recognized as the world’s oldest living person.

Fu Suqing, who was born to an impoverished farmer’s family in 1897 and now lives in the city of Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, received a certificate from the London-based Carry The Flag World Records acknowledging her status.

Fu got married in 1902 as a child bride and has six children, only two of whom have survived. She has a total of 48 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

The award came as an early birthday present for Fu, who will turn 116 on August 25, or July 19 in the lunar Chinese calendar.

Fu’s ID card identifies her birthday as July 19, 1897, as many senior Chinese citizens could only remember their birthdays on the lunar calendar.

Fu’s daughter Xu Suhua said the centenarian is in good health and can do a lot of things on her own despite having bad eyesight and hearing. Fu eats a lot of meat and goes to bed before 20:00 every day, her daughter added.

Carry Flag said Fu acquired the title of the oldest person alive in June when a 115-year-old Japanese man died.

Fu’s great-granddaughter said that they are applying for recognition from Guinness World Records.

China has nearly 50,000 centenarians, according to government data released last year.