Rainstorm Kills Two, Injures Six In China

Channels Television  
Updated July 19, 2013

Torrential rain is wreaking havoc to Zhaotong, southwest China’s Yunnan Province since Wednesday, killing at least two and injuring six as of Thursday afternoon.

As of 18:00 Thursday, the torrential rains have affected about 53,000 people of 16,000 households in Daguan County of Zhaotong, toppled down 423 residential houses and caused economic loss of more than 100 million yuan.

Precipitation reached to 179.8 millimetres in towns and villages across Daguan.

Rain-triggered floods have seriously disrupted road traffic and cut down electricity and water supply.

All of the 252 households of the village have now been evacuated from places nearby a river to the mountain foot, but mudslides may occur as rain is continuing to batter the region.

“We’ve set up two working teams to keep around-the-clock monitoring of the situation. In case of any disaster recurrence, we will again start to evacuate the villagers,” said Zhang Jichuan, group leader of villagers, Xiaohe Villager Committee, Shousha Township, Daguan County.