Leadership: Expert Says Nigerians Don’t Know What They Want

Channels Television  
Updated July 30, 2013

A leadership Consultant, Tokunbo Obayan on Tuesday said one of the biggest problems in Nigeria is that the leaders in the country do not understand the principles of leadership.

Mr Obayan, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, said Nigerians need to address the question of where they are going as a nation.

He quoted Rosalynn Carter’s maxim that ‘good leaders take a people where they want to go but great leaders take a people to where they ought to go’.

The consultant said people seeking leadership positions in Nigeria assume that the office and powers they desire is the leadership.

He paraphrased the maxim of a respected internationally as an author, Myles Munroe that ‘when understand something; you are likely to abuse it’.

Mr Obayan said the bulk of the blames for failed leadership is on Nigerians who fail to place appropriate demand on persons seeking positions of authority.

“As we go towards 2015, what you see is people using the system to achieve their personal objectives, because the system does not place a demand on demand,” he said.

He said in Nigeria, ‘those who see what needs to be done are too docile’ and that for the leadership problem in the country to be addressed these few people who know what should be done should start educating the ignorant people.

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