Three Killed In Honduras Prison Disorder

Channels Television  
Updated August 4, 2013

The Honduras government ordered soldiers into the country’s main prison to place back control in the hands of the warders after a riot degenerated causing the death of three inmates.

The rioting also left many inmates injured, including three security guards, authorities said.

There was a heavy police and military presence at a Tegucigalpa hospital where the injured inmates were being treated in case of gang attacks.

The latest prison violence in Honduras came as a report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights said that criminals in the Central American country were no longer being rehabilitated by the government and that most prisons were being controlled by inmates.

Saturday’s rioting took place at Honduras’ National Penitentiary, just outside of the capital Tegucigalpa. The prison is home to over 3,000 inmates.

In 2012, one of the world’s worst prison fires killed more than 350 inmates in a Honduran prison on Valentine’s Day. It turned a spotlight on the crime, corruption and weak government that has made Honduras a case study for a nation in crisis.

Once a treasured hub for U.S. geopolitical interests in Central America, it is better known today as the world’s most murderous country.

Rampant lawlessness, poverty and a crumbling justice system has left the coffee-exporting nation of some 8 million people battered by ultra-violent gangs and drug cartels.

Saddled with one of the weakest economies in the Western hemisphere, nearly 70 per cent of the population live in poverty. Many see crime as their only option. Or they leave, making the long trek to the United States.

For those who run afoul of the law, justice can be a far horizon. Nearly half of the country’s prisoners have not been convicted and many wait years before they even get a hearing.