Thousands Attend Funeral Of Mohamed El-Beltagy’s Daughter

Channels Television  
Updated August 16, 2013

Hundreds of Egyptians attended the funeral of Asmaa El-Beltagy, the daughter of a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed El-Beltagy.

Asmaa’s coffin was carried out of an ambulance car, into a mosque where prayers were held over her body.

”God willing she will be in heaven, and we will follow her path of martyrdom, and may God give her family the strength and patience,” said one of the mourners at the funeral.

Asmaa El-Beltagy is the daughter of Mohamed El-Beltagy, a long-time member of the Brotherhood.

The 17-year-old girl was killed on Wednesday (August 14) when police cleared out two protest camps in Cairo set up to denounce the military’s overthrow of Egypt’s first freely elected president, Mohamed Mursi.

Hundreds of people were killed in the crackdown. The Health Ministry puts the death toll at 578. The Brotherhood says the government is hiding a much bigger number.

Deeply polarised Egypt has been bracing for further confrontation expected after Friday prayers between members of Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood and the army-backed government.