Senate President Endorses Clamour For National Conference

Channels Television  
Updated September 17, 2013

In what appears to be a twist, the senate president David Mark has welcomed the convocation of a national conference.

While welcoming federal lawmakers after a recess, Senator Mark said a conference of Nigeria’s ethnic nationalities to foster frank and open discussions of the national question is welcomed.

The senate president also condemned the activities of those he termed as political jobbers who he said have seized the political space despite the fact that the 2015 general election is still two years away.

The lawmakers are now back to work after a recess which lasted seven weeks.

During the recess there were rumblings in the political scene including the internal crisis going on in the ruling party which has been attributed to the struggle by major players to position themselves for positions come the 2015 election.

The senate president expressed concern that the inordinate ambition by politicians could cause chaos in the country.

While welcoming his colleagues after the recess, the senate president in an unexpected move welcomed the convocation of a national conference but rejected the call for a conference with sovereign powers.